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"Aunty's Regression Visit"

Movie 34 minutes playing time
Featuring Melanie, Veronica and Kari

AB Veronica's aunty has come over to see her cheeky little niece. Veronica loves her aunty and wants her to play with her. Not as her aunty but as another AB. To be her AB friend! Her mommy Kari is quite amused and thinks that is a great idea. Aunty Melanie is not so sure but goes along with it. First Veronica insists she put a pacifier in her mouth just like she has then it just gets more and more weird for her helpess aunty Melanie Then Kari and her AB girl Veronica insist aunty Melanie wear a diaper!

Now that aunty Melanie is almost and adult baby girl, Veronica insists her mommy breast feed them both together. This is getting very weird for Melanie. Now Veronica helps her AB-mommy put cute ribbons in her aunty's hair and booties on her feet. The regression is progressing rather nicely.

Melanie is made to wear an adorable matching top and diaper cover but now Veronica and her mommy dress her up in footed pyjamas so she can have an afternoon nap. Now Kari has put both her adult baby girl and Veronica's aunty in the cot together for the night. Now it is morning and Veronica's aunt Melanie has woken with a soaking wet diaper. AB-mommy Kari comes into the nursery to get both girls out of the cot.

Veronica changes Melanie's diaper under protest. Melanie just wants to leave and go back to her normal life as an adult and aunty to little Melanie. But both Melanie's parent and AB Melanie have other ideas. No way is she leaving now.
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